Head Injuries

Head injuries in sport can range from a mild headache caused by impact or dehydration up to severe concussion or worse. A head injury should always be taken seriously and medical attention should be sought. Symptoms may also develop over time where the player feels okay initially but over the next few days more noticeable symptoms occur or become worse. He we explain sports related head injuries.

Concussion Image

A concussion is a very serious condition that is often seen in sport and more and more incidents are being reported in a sport. It can range from very mild to very severe depending on the circumstances and it is usually caused by a sudden impact to the head from a traumatic (contact) event.

Headaches In Sport Image

Headaches are an extremely common complaint. They vary in pain intensity, pattern and location from individual to individual. Although irritating the majority of headaches do not require medical intervention.

Fractured Skull Image

A skull fracture is a break to one of the bones which form the head. These include the cranium at the back of the head, parietal bones on the side and frontal bone or forehead.

Migraine Image

Migraines are a severe form of a headache, usually accompanied by other symptoms. These are often related to vision although may also include other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness or pins and needles.

Post Concussion Syndrome Image

Post-concussion syndrome is a complication of concussion which is a group of symptoms that occur after the main symptoms of the initial head injury has cleared.

Brain Bleed

A brain bleed can occur after a severe trauma to the head. Blood vessels within the brain rupture causing bleeding on the brain. Here we explain the various types of brain bleed. Seek urgent medical attention with any head injury as they can be fatal.