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If you are not sure what your injury is why not visit our sports injury symptom checker. Simply select the symptoms which apply to you to see which injuries might apply.

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Symptom Checker

If you are not sure what your injury is then why not check out our sports injury symptom checker. Simply select the signs and symptoms which apply to you and let the virtual sports injury therapist show you which injuries relate to your symptoms.

Sports Injuries

If you have a sports injury and want to know more about it then select from the options below:

Foot & Heel Injuries

Foot injuries include heel pain, midfoot, forefoot (including pain under the ball of the foot), toe injuries and skin conditions. The most common foot injuries are Plantar fasciitis, Bruised heel, Metatarsal fractures & stress fractures, blisters, bunions and broken toes.

Ankle & Achilles Injuries

Ankle pain includes acute or sudden onset injuries such as an Ankle sprain or a Broken ankle as well as gradual onset pain on the inside, front and outside of the ankle. Pain at the back of the ankle is usually achilles tendon related such as achilles tendonitis or a complete rupture of the achilles.

Lower Leg Injuries

Shin and calf covers sports injuries affecting the front and back of the lower leg as well as lower leg fractures. Shin splints is the term usually given to pain on the inside of the shin, whilst a Calf strain is the most common cause of sudden onset pain at the back of the leg.

Knee Injuries

Sudden onset knee injuries or acute knee injuries are usually caused by an impact or twisting the knee and include ligament sprains such as Anterior cruciate ligament sprain (ACL injury), Medial ligament sprain (MCL tear) and well as damage to cartilage meniscus and other structures in the knee. Sports injuries which are gradual onset or chronic are more likely through overuse and include Patellofemoral pain, Jumper's knee and Iliotibial band syndrome.

Thigh Injuries

Most thigh injuries in sport are sudden onset (acute) muscles strains such as Hamstring strain, Thigh strain and Groin strain, although thigh pain can develop gradually over time. Other common problems include contusions from direct impact or trauma and cramp where the whole muscles suddenly goes into an involuntary (and painful) spasm.

Hip & Groin Pain

Buttock, hip and groin pain is often connected or might be pain referred from the lower back. Piriformis syndrome and Sacroiliac joint pain are common causes of buttock pain. Groin strains, tendon inflammation and Hernia are common groin related injuries whilst hip joint pain can be from many causes including Labral tear and Osteoarthritis.

Shoulder Injuries

Sudden onset or acute shoulder injuries include Rotator cuff strain, Dislocated Shoulder, AC joint Sprain and Collar bone fracture. Shoulder pain which occurs gradually can be from an acute sports injury which has failed to heal properly or often from overuse or bad technique. These include Rotator cuff tendinopathy, Glenoid labrum tear and Frozen shoulder.

Wrist & Hand Injuries

Wrist pain which occurs suddenly (known as acute wrist injuries) and is usually caused by a fall onto the hand with an outstretched arm or a forced twisting movement. Common acute injuries include wrist sprains, wrist & hand fractures and injuries to the fingers. Gradual onset injuries or chronic wrist pain occurs over a period of time and often cannot be traced back to a single incident or cause.

Arm & Elbow Injuries

Arm and elbow injuries are separated into lateral elbow pain (outside of the elbow), medial elbow pain (inside of the elbow) posterior elbow pain (at the back of the elbow), acute elbow injuries (sudden onset), forearm pain and upper arm injuries. Tennis elbow is the most common cause of pain on the outside of the elbow.

Head Injuries

Head injuries in sport can range from a mild headache caused by impact or dehydration up to severe concussion or worse. A head injury should always be taken seriously and medical attention should be sought. Symptoms may also develop over time where the player feels ok initially but over the next few days more noticeable symptoms occur or become worse.

Sports Injury Blog

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Sports strapping & taping

Sports taping is used to support joints and muscles as part of injury rehabilitation as well as preventing sports injuries. Our step by step video tutorials as demonstrated by elite level sports physiotherapist and cover ankle taping, knee ligament injuries, kinesiology taping and more.

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