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Welcome to the Virtual Sports Injury Clinic. Here you will find information on hundreds of sports injuries and conditions with advice on treatment, rehabilitation, exercises, strapping & taping, sports massage and more.

Sports Injuries - Sports Injury If you have a sports injury we will explain it and provide information on recovery and prevention, often with step by step treatment, rehabilitation programs and expert interviews to help get you back to full fitness in the shortest possible time.

Sports Injury Symptom Checker If you have a sports injury and are not sure what it might be, then try our sports injury symptom checker. Simply select the body area and which symptoms apply and see a list of sports injuries which are most likely for those symptoms.

Principles of rehabilitation If you are looking for exercises for a particular injury or in general to prevent sports-related injuries then start here. We have rehabilitation programs for specific injuries as well as general strengthening and stretching exercises for injury prevention.

Treatments and Therapies Learn more about the treatments and therapies a professional practitioner would use to treat your sports injury including cold therapy, foot biomechanics, and gait analysis, electrotherapy, sports massage, strapping & taping.

Victory After Injury Check out what's new in our sports medicine blog. We have articles on sports injury prevention, motivation & psychology, injury rehabilitation, sports nutrition and more.

Sports specific injuries Select your sport! Here we have information about injuries affecting specific sports including Football (Soccer), Athletics, Tennis, Rugby and more.. is a leading free online resource dedicated to the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Our mission is to provide athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts with an extensive wealth of easily-accessible, free-to-view expert information.