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We have a wealth of information on sports injuries to help you understand your injury and get back to full fitness in the shortest possible time.

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation Programs

Download our Mobile App or sign up online to access our step-by-step criteria-based rehabilitation programs. Each one has been developed by our elite-level professional sports physiotherapists.

The app takes you from injury to full fitness in gentle progressive steps. It tells you exactly what treatment and exercises to do each day and records your progress.

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Symptom Checker

If you are not sure what your injury is then why not try our symptom checker? Simply select the symptoms that apply and view sports injuries with those symptoms.

Foot, ankle, knee, shin & calf, thigh, buttock, hip & groin, shoulder, elbow, and wrist included.

Sports Injury Treatment

First Aid

Emergency first aid for most soft tissue sports injuries is to apply the PRICE principles of protection, rest, ice, compression & elevation.

Sports Taping

Sports taping is used in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. View our easy-to-follow videos on how to apply sports taping techniques.

Sports Massage

Sports massage has many benefits for preventing and treating sports injuries. We have video demonstrations on sports massage techniques for a number of common injuries.

Sports Injury Prevention

Vibration Training

High-profile celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Serena Williams have popularised whole body vibration (WBV) training…

Latest Sports Injury Research

Short summaries of some of the latest research in sports medicine:

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