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Michael Walden

Mike Walden

Mike is a qualified Sports Injury Therapist, creator & CEO of Sportsinjuryclinic.net. Mike is a qualified and experienced Sports Therapist & Teacher. He competed at National level in the Decathlon, has undergone military training with the British Army, and coached youth football (soccer), rugby and athletics.

Neal Reynolds

Neal Reynolds

Neal is a vastly experienced sports physiotherapist who has over 19 years of experience working in professional sport. He headed up the medical team at Norwich City FC for 12 years and has worked at Oxford United FC, West Bromwich Albion FC, Arsenal FC.

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Dr. Chaminda Goonetilleke

Dr. Chaminda Goonetilleke

Dr Chaminda Goonetilleke is a General practitioner and Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor. His special interests include trauma care, sports event medicine and promoting exercise as a form of medicine.

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Phil Pask

Phil Pask

Phil is one of the World’s most experienced Sports Physiotherapists. He has been England Senior Rugby Team Physiotherapist since 1997, continuing his role in recent years as Consultant Physio to the team. He was a player, physio and head of performance at Northampton Saints from 1986 – 2002.

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Paul Tanner

Paul Tanner

Paul is head of Medical Services at Millwall Football Club, dealing with all aspects of sports physiotherapy and medical cover. He was also First Team Physio at Norwich City Football Club and Senior physiotherapist to London Wasps Rugby first-team squad.

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The sports injury articles are written first hand by qualified sports medicine professionals and therapists, and are original articles based on years of personal experience, with reference to respected sports medicine texts (see bibliography) and research papers. Our philosophy is to encompass a wide range of medical approaches and not to favour any particular type of background or therapy.


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The following are all experts in their field who have contributed to Sportsinjuryclinic.net or featured as one of our ‘expert interviews’. They include Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Chiropractor, Ostoepath, Personal Trainers and Sports Therapists.

Mr. David Lloyd – Surgeon

Mr Elliot Soreen

Mr. Elliot Sorene – Surgeon

Richard Villar

Mr Richard Villar – Surgeon

Dr. Maria Madge – Chiropractor

Jenny Pacey – Fitness Professional

John Williams – Osteopath

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