Movement Control & Proprioception Exercises For Knee Rehabilitation

Motion control proprioception exercises

These exercises are used as part of knee strengthening and rehabilitation programs. They improve proprioception, balance & coordination.

Gym ball bridge

Double leg gym ball bridge exercises works the core, glutes and hamstring muscles. With heels on the ball push the hips upwards maintaining control throughout.

Forward T

Stand on one leg with your knee slightly bent. Lean forwards, open up your arms pulling the non supporting leg backwards to make the shape of a ‘T’. Maintain balance for 4 or 5 seconds and repeat.

Wobble Board

Balance on a wobble board, rocker board or similar. Aim to maintain your balance. Close your eyes to make it more difficult and stand on one leg to make it even more difficult.

Lunge lean hold

Lunge onto the forward leg and get your balance. Then lean forwards over the supporting leg, lifting the back leg up into the ‘T’ position. Hold for a few seconds then bring the back leg through, knee up in front to finish.

Leap to stick

Jump from one leg, land on the other leg maintaining balance and control. Hold for a few seconds and then repeat.

Forward T to Spiderman

Balance on one leg and move into the ‘Forward T” position. Hold your balance for a few seconds before coming into the upright position again. Then, without dropping your foot to the floor move your leg out sideways into the ‘Spiderman’ position and hold.

This article has been written with reference to the bibliography.
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