5 Great Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training

For a simple and efficient way to incorporate full body resistance training into your routine, kettlebells are the answer.

They are an excellent piece of portable, inexpensive and compact kit. A highly adaptable piece of equipment, they allow you to perform a full body kettlebell workout, by working the upper body, legs, back, and core muscles.

The main exercises are the kettlebell swing, kettlebell clean and press, and kettlebell squats. Delivering a dynamic and ballistic resistance training work out strategy whilst targeting major muscle groups, a kettlebell set is an excellent and efficient piece of equipment. Training correctly with them builds overall strength and mobility which helps guard against the risk of sporting injury.

1. Improves muscular strength and endurance

Performing kettlebell swings is a whole-body compound movement – which is proven to be more powerful in building muscle strength than isolated movement. Furthermore, the singular weight of the kettlebell necessitates the recruitment of more stabiliser muscles and engages more muscles to support the dynamic nature of the movement whilst supporting the weight-bearing aspect of the workout. They are excellent for building and improving strength in the arms, shoulders, core, upper and lower back, and thighs.

2. Provides an efficient workout

Perfect for busy people, just 5 minutes of a kettlebell workout provides a comprehensive cardio and full body workout, to get the blood pumping and provide full body conditioning. A compact piece of kit, you can choose your kettlebell weights and store them at home, so it is a highly convenient way to fit in resistance and cardio training regardless of your schedule.

3. Excellent for strengthening the back

The main advantage of kettlebell exercises is that a dynamic movement is performed without overloading the back. It is of particular benefit for improving strength and mobility in the lower back. Providing a kettlebell swing is performed correctly, it is a ballistic movement powered by the hips, which allows for comprehensive lower back strength training without the risk of overloading the lower back.

4. Core strength

A kettlebell swing benefits you by developing core strength, as the abdominal muscles are relied upon to contract and support the ballistic nature of the movement. Developing and maintaining core strength is of fundamental importance to athletes and of particular significance to those wishing to guide against back pain and injury.

5. Promotes fat loss

The combined dynamic and weight-bearing nature of kettlebells have a powerful effect on the metabolism and burn calories efficiently over a short period of time. Furthermore, increasing lean muscle-mass promotes on-going fat loss and an increase in metabolic rate and efficacy. Due to the duality of a kettlebell workout – dynamic cardio and weight training – these benefits are particularly powerful.

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