Tenderness on the outside of the ankle

The following injuries have symptoms of pain and tenderness when pressing in (palpating) the outside of the ankle.

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

The Sinus tarsi is a small bony canal that runs into the ankle under the talus ankle bone. Damage to this can be caused by overuse or from a sprained ankle. Sinus tarsi syndrome symptoms

Peroneal tendonitis

Peroneal Tendonitis (Tendinopathy)

Peroneal tendonitis is an overuse injury causing pain on the outside of the ankle. Over time, the peroneal tendon rubs on the bone leading to inflammation and eventually degeneration of the tendon. Here we explain

Peroneal tendon dislocation

Peroneal Tendon Dislocation

Peroneal tendon dislocation causes pain on the outside of the ankle. Repeated dislocation or slipping of the peroneal tendons over the outside of the ankle causes friction, pain, and inflammation. Symptoms Symptoms include: What is

Foot stress frqacture

Stress Fracture of the Talus

The talus bone is the bone at the top of the ankle which the tibia or shin bone sits on. A stress fracture of the talus is more common in footballers and track and field

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