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Sports Injury Symptom Checker

Welcome to our Sports Injury Symptom Checker. Simply select the location of your injury and relevant symptoms. The ‘Virtual Sports Therapist‘ will match your symptoms to potential injuries.

Remember I do not replace a real person and always recommend seeking professional advice.

How to use the sports injury symptom checker

  • Select the category/location of your pain.
  • Then select those symptoms which apply.
  • If there are no injuries matching your symptoms then try removing a symptom from the list.

Sports injury symptoms

Below is a tag cloud of injury symptoms with the number of associated injuries in brackets.

Aching foot (6) Aching knee (11) Aching shoulder (9) Acute elbow pain (9) Ankle swelling (9) Big toe pain (6) Chronic elbow pain (6) Chronic hip pain (8) Difficulty breating deeply (6) Dorsal wrist pain (back of wrist) (11) Front shoulder pain (10) Gradual onset foot pain (11) Gradual onset groin pain (9) Gradual onset knee pain (22) Head Injury (6) Hip stiffness (7) Impact to the knee (12) Injuries affecting young athletes (7) Inside knee pain (6) Knee joint pain (13) Knee joint swelling (19) Local knee swelling (16) Lower back pain (6) Pain in the arch of the foot (7) Pain under the heel (7) Patella pain (kneecap) (9) Pins and needles in arm or hand (10) Point tenderness in the wrist (9) Point tenderness on foot (10) Shoulder joint pain (6) Shoulder pain with overhead movements (11) Shoulder stiffness (9) Shoulder swelling (8) Sudden onset ankle pain (7) Sudden onset chest pain (8) Sudden onset foot pain (7) Sudden onset knee pain (20) Sudden onset shoulder pain (8) Sudden onset wrist pain (8) Swelling on the elbow (9) Swollen feet (8) Swollen wrist (11) Twisted knee (8) Weakness or pain gripping (7) wrist (7)