Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Our step-by-step sports injury rehabilitation programs take you from initial injury to full competition fitness.

Created by our elite-level sports physiotherapists, based on what they would do with their elite athletes but adapted for use by anyone.

  • Criteria based rehab programs
  • Created by elite level physios
  • 100’s of exercise videos
  • Strapping & taping tutorials
  • Sports massage tutorials
  • Mobile app

First Aid & Treatment

Initial treatment and emergency first aid for a range of common sports injuries.


Rehabilitation exercises to get you back to full fitness and beyond in the shortest time.

Mobile App

Download our mobile app. It tells you what to do each day and tracks your progress.

Start now and begin your journey back to full fitness!

Knee Rehabilitation

Full knee rehabilitation programs, exercises, massage, strapping & taping and more.

Lower leg & Foot

Full rehab programs for Ankle sprain, Plantar fasciitis, Calf strain, Shin splints and more…

Thigh & Groin

Full rehab programs for hamstring, groin & quad strains with treatment, exercises, massage & taping.

Shoulder Rehabilitation

Exercises for recovering from and preventing shoulder injuries including mobility, stretching, stability & strengthening.

Go mobile!

Take your program with you to the gym or training field. Our sports injury rehabilitation mobile app tells you what treatment and exercises to do each day and tracks your progress.

  • Video-based programs
  • Set alerts & reminders
  • Records daily progress

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Treatment methods for sports rehabilitation

Sports Taping

Learn how and why to apply simple sports taping techniques as part of your injury rehab program.

Sports Massage

Video tutorials on how to apply basic sports massage techniques for sports injury rehabilitation.

Principles of sports rehabilitation

Regardless of the type of sports injury, the principles of rehabilitation are often the same. Learn how the basic principles of sports injury rehabilitation apply to your injury.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy (cryotherapy) is the application of ice or cold packs to treat sports and soft tissue injuries. PRICE stands for protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation and is important first aid for sprains and strains.

Meet our physios

Paul Tanner

Paul Tanner

Paul is head of Medical Services at Millwall Football Club, dealing with all aspects of match and training day sports physiotherapy and medical cover. His career also includes First Team Physio at Norwich City Football Club and Senior physiotherapist to London Wasps Rugby.

Phil Pask

Phil is one of the World’s most experienced Sports Physiotherapists. He has been England Senior Rugby Team Physiotherapist since 1997, continuing his role in recent years as Consultant Physio to the team. He was a player, physio, and head of performance at Northampton Saints from 1986 – 2002.

Neal Reynolds

Neal is a vastly experienced sports physiotherapist who has over 19 years of experience working in professional sport. He headed up the medical team at Norwich City FC for 12 years and has worked at Oxford United FC, West Bromwich Albion FC, Arsenal FC.

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