Sports Rehabilitation & Exercises

How fast can I return to competition? When to begin stretching? When to begin strengthening? It is important to understand that everyone is different. Here we explain the basic sports rehabilitation principles along with rehabilitation programs for the most common sports injuries.

We recommend seeking professional advice before beginning rehabilitation exercises.

Principles of sports rehabilitation

Regardless of the type of sports injury, the principles of rehabilitation are often the same. It is important to understand that everyone is different and will respond to different exercises and treatment regimes at different rates.

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Cold therapy PRICE principles

Cold therapy (cryotherapy) is the application of ice or cold packs to treat sports and soft tissue injuries. PRICE stands for protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation and is important first aid for sprains and strains.

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Shin & calf rehabilitation

Knee rehabilitation

Thigh rehabilitation


Abdominal & Core

Elbow & wrist & hand

Types of rehabilitation exercises