Shin/Calf bruising

Fibula Fracture

Fibula Fracture

A fibula fracture can occur at the same time as a tibia fracture, or they can occur on their own in isolation. They are usually caused by landing on a twisted foot, or from direct impact or trauma. Immediate medical attention is needed if a lower leg fracture is suspected. Stress fractures of the fibula can also occur from overuse or repetitive strain.

Leg contusion & bruising

Contusion of the Lower Leg

Contusion - Lower Leg

A contusion is a bruise resulting from a direct blow or impact. The bruise may be visible or not, depending on whether the bleeding goes out of the muscle sheath. There will normally be a pain when the leg is hit, ranging from mild to severe. Often the muscle is crushed against the bone. Read more on the symptoms of this calf injury and a full explanation of rehabilitation exercises you can do.