Sudden onset chest pain

Joggers nipple

Jogger’s Nipple

Jogger’s nipple is in effect a friction burn. It is caused by constant rubbing or chafing of a T-shirt over the nipple. Jogger’s nipple symptoms The main symptom is a sore nipple which develops during …

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Side stitch

Side Stitch

A side stitch can usually be felt to one side of the abdomen, more often the right side, around the area of the lower ribs. Many people suffer from stitches when doing sports, particularly running-based …

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Sternum injury

Sternum Fracture

A Sternum fracture is a break of the breastbone in the middle of the chest. In more severe cases it dislocates at the sternoclavicular joint. Sternum fracture symptoms Symptoms of a fractured sternum include: Sudden …

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