Top of foot pain

Extensor tendonitis

Extensor Tendonitis/Tendinopathy

Extensor tendonitis, also referred to as extensor tendinopathy. It is inflammation or more likely, degeneration of the extensor tendons which run along the top of the foot. On this page: Symptoms Causes Treatment Exercises Go direct to: Learn the lower leg muscles (quiz) Types of muscle contraction (quiz) Extensor tendonitis symptoms The main symptom of …

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Lisfrancs Injury

Lisfranc’s injury is a dislocation or fracture in the midfoot area. It occurs in the joint where the short metatarsal bones meet the long bones in the foot. Swelling on the top of the foot and pain when weight is placed on the foot are the main symptoms. This foot injury is very rare but …

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Mortons Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma or Morton’s syndrome is a compressed nerve causing pain between the third and fourth toes. Ill-fitting shoes and certain movements can cause this foot injury. Putting weight on the foot will make the pain worse, as will squeezing the forefoot. Symptoms Symptoms typically include pain, often with pins and needles on one side …

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Midtarsal Joint Sprain

A midtarsal joint sprain is an injury to the ligaments holding the midtarsal joint together, causing pain in the outside middle of the foot. Different ligaments can be sprained, which affects exactly where the pain is located and how it affects foot movement. This injury is rare but can occur in gymnasts, footballers, and jumpers. …

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Navicular stress fracture

Navicular Stress Fracture

A navicular stress fracture is one of the most common stress fractures affecting athletes, especially those in explosive events such as sprinting and jumping. The navicular bone is in the ankle and can be fractured by overuse and repetitive stress. With this injury, there may be a pain in the arch of the foot which …

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