Sports rehabilitation

Knee Rehabilitation | Knee Exercises

The aim of knee rehabilitation is to restore normal range of movement in the joint, strengthen the surrounding muscles and restore proprioception (co-ordination) of the joint. Initially, isometric or static exercises are done, progressing to dynamic strengthing which involves movement. Finally, functional and sports specific exercises return you back to full fitness. On this page: …

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Shoulder rehabilitation and exercises

Shoulder Rehabilitation & Exercises

Shoulder rehabilitation exercises usually begin in the early stages with mobility exercises, and progress to isometric or static shoulder exercises before dynamic, then functional or sports specific exercises. On this page: Isometric exercises Mobility exercises Stability exercises Dynamic exercises Functional & proprioception Go direct to: Rotator cuff exercises Dislocated shoulder AC joint sprain Frozen shoulder …

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Stretching exercises

Stretching Exercises

Flexibility describes the range of movement at a joint. A good level of flexibility is important in sports, both for preventing injury and optimum performance. Different types of stretching include static, dynamic, PNF, ballistic, partner assisted and more. Here we explain the benefits and types of stretching exercises and the muscles stretched. On this page: …

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Wobble balance board exercises

Wobble Balance Board Exercises

Wobble balance board exercises are important for rehabilitation of lower leg injuries, especially ankle sprains. Simply strengthening muscles is not enough, you need to improved you ‘proprioception’ if you want to avoid future injuries. On this page: Wobble board exercises What is proprioception? Benefits of wobble board exercises Go direct to: Proprioception exercises Benefits of …

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