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Foot injuries

  • Heel – Pain at the back of the heel and under the heel including Plantar fasciitis, Bruised heel, Heel spur, Sever’s disease as well as fractures.
  • Midfoot – Midfoot pain including stress fractures, tendonitis, tarsal fractures, midtarsal joint sprains and plantar fascia strains.
  • Foot arch – Pain in the arch of the foot including Plantar fasciitis, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, and Medical calcaneal nerve entrapment.
  • Forefoot – Sports injuries affecting the forefoot include Bunion, Morton’s Neuroma, Stress fractures, Sesamoiditis, Gout, Turf toe, and fractures.
  • Top of the foot – Pain on top of the foot includes Extensor tendonitis, Lisfranc’s injury, Midtarsal joint sprain, Navicular fracture & Morton’s neuroma.
  • Inside of the foot – Sports injuries cause pain on the inside of the foot. Most common include Bunion, Tibialis posterior tendinopathy, and Navicular stress fracture.
  • Outside of the foot – Sports injuries resulting in pain on the outside of the foot including Peroneus brevis tendon strain, Cuboid syndrome, and Jone’s fracture.
  • Toes – Toe injuries include Black toenails, Ingrown toenails, Toe fractures, Hallux rigidus, Turf toe, and Hammer Toe.

Lower leg & Ankle sports injuries

  • Acute ankle injuries – Acute ankle injuries occur suddenly and include Ankle sprains, Ankle fractures and tendon tears.
  • Inside of the ankle – Medial ankle pain including Tibialis posterior tendonitis, Medial calcaneal nerve entrapment, stress fractures as well as acute injuries.
  • Outside of the ankle – Lateral ankle pain including ankle sprains, Peroneal tendonitis, stress fractures and ankle impingement.
  • Achilles – Pain at the back of the ankle including Achillies tendonitis, Achilles ruptures, Sever’s disease & Achilles bursitis.
  • Front of the ankle – Anterior ankle pain such as Tibialis anterior tendonitis, Ankle impingment and High ankle sprains.
  • Shin – Causes of shin pain or shin splints. The most common is Medial tibial stress syndrome.
  • Calf – Calf injuries including Calf strain, Posterior compartment syndrome, Contusions and Cramp.

Knee Injuries

Acute knee

Sudden onset knee injuries including ligament sprains, tendon strains, dislocations and cartilage tears.

Inside knee

Causes of medial knee pain – MCL sprain, Cartilage meniscus injury, Patellofemoral pain and more.

Outside knee

Lateral knee pain including Iliotibial band friction syndrome, ligament sprains and Cartilage injuries.

Front knee

Anterior knee pain including Jumper’s knee, Patellofemoral pain syndrome and Osgood Schlatter Disease.

Back knee

Pain at the back of the knee. Baker’s cyst, Hamstring tendonitis, Gastrocnemius tendinopathy and more.

Thigh, Hip & Groin

Back thigh

Posterior thigh pain or pain at the back of the thigh of which the most common is Hamstring strain.

Front thigh

Anterior thigh pain including quad strain, Thigh contusion, Myositis ossificans and stress fracture of the femur.


Pain on the inside of the thigh including Groin strain, Gilmore’s groin, Groin inflammation and more..


Causes of hip pain including hip bursitis, Labral tear, Synovitis and Rectus femoris tendinopathy.

Shoulder, Arm & Elbow

Acute shoulder

Sudden onset shoulder injuries ; Rotator cuff strain, Dislocated shoulder, AC joint sprain and more.

Chronic shoulder

Gradual onset shoulder injuries such as Rotator cuff tendinopathy, Subacromial bursitis and Impingement syndrome.

Acute elbow

Elbow fractures, Medial ligament sprain, Hyperextension sprain and Contusions.

Outside elbow

Sports injuries causing pain on the outside of the ebow including Tennis elbow and Radial tunnel syndrome.

Inside elbow

Medial elbow pain is pain on the inside of the elbow. Injuries include Golfer’s elbow, Biceps tendonitis and Ulna nerve contusion.

Back of elbow

Sports injuries causing pain at the back of the elbow including Olecranon bursitis, Triceps tendonitis and fractures.


Forearm pain includes Radius & Ulna fractures, Median nerve injury and Radial tunnel syndrome.

Upper arm

Sports injuries affecting the upper arm including fractures, Biceps strain, Triceps strain and Contusions.

Wrist & Hand

Acute wrist

Sudden onset wrist injuries including Wrist fractures, Sprains and Strains as well as nerve relatd injury.

Chronic wrist

Gradual onset sports injuries affecting the wrist including Wrist tendonitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome and Wrist bursitis.

Hand & finger

Injuries to the hand and fingers include Finger sprains, dislocations, Mallet finger and Contusions.

Sports injuries of the Head, Back & Chest


Head and face injuries including Concussion, Fractured skull, Migraine and Headaches.


Back injuries and back pain covering Low back pain, Chronic back pain and sudden onset back pain.


Chest pain in athletes including Cardiac chest pain, muscle strains and Rib fractures.


Abdominal and stomach pain in sport covering muscle strains, Winding and Contusions.

Sports injury prevention

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