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Image of front and back of body with muscles exposed Knee pain Wrist and hand pain Foot pain Lower leg and ankle pain Thigh pain Hip, groin and buttock pain Chest and abdominal pain Shoulder Pain Head and face pain Lower back pain Upper back and neck pain Arm and elbow pain Arm and Elbow Pain Elbow Pain Elbow Pain Elbow Pain Head and Face injuries Head and Face injuries Shoulder Shoulder Shoulder Shoulder Wrist and hand Wrist and hand Wrist and hand Wrist and hand Thigh Thigh Hip and groin Hip, Groin and Buttock Chest and Abdomen Ankle and Achilles Shin and Calf Ankle and Achilles Knee pain Upper back and neck Low back pain Knee pain Shin and Calf Foot pain Foot pain

Foot and heel painFoot and heel pain covers rear foot and heel pain, midfoot pain where the my be overlap with ankle injuries, forefoot pain and toe pain. We have detailed rehabilitation information for the more common foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis under the heel and Sever's disease at the back of the heel. Taping techniques for foot and toe injuries are also demonstrated.

Lower leg and ankle painLower leg and ankle pain includes shin pain, calf pain and achilles tendon injuries as well as sprains and fractures of the ankle. We explain the more common sports injuries of the lower leg and ankle with more detailed treatment and rehabilitation information as well as the less common causes of shin pain, calf and achilles pain.

Knee injuries and knee painKnee pain includes approximately 50 knee injuries which are categorized into pain at the front of the knee including patella pain, lateral knee pain which is pain on the outside of the knee, medial knee pain on the inside of the knee and posterior knee pain at the back of the knee. Knee joint injuries include acute knee injuries and joint sprains.

Thigh painThigh pain includes common sports injuries to both the front of the thigh and the back of the thigh. We explain muscle strains and contusions with more detailed rehabilitation information for the most common injuries such as hamstring strains and quadriceps strains.

Buttock, hip and groin painButtock, Hip & Groin Pain covers acute hip and groin injuries which come on suddenly as well as sports injuries which come on gradually. Buttock pain includes Piriformis syndrome and Sacroiliac joint pain as well as conditions which result from pain radiating from the lower back.

Low back painLower back pain is very complicated to diagnose as pain may be caused by a number of structures including muscles, tendon, ligaments and nerves. We explain the most common causes of back pain which have a specific diagnosis as well as explaining the different types of back pain

Chest and abdominal painChest and abdominal pain covers cardiac chest pain as well as chest or rib pain resulting from soft tissue and nerves. Abdominal pain includes being winded as well as stomach or gastrointestinal conditions which can affect the athlete.

Upper back and neck painUpper back and neck pain includes neck pain which may be nerve or muscle related as well as condition such as winged scapular or referred pain which can cause pain in the upper back and between the shoulder blades.

Shoulder injuriesShoulder pain covers the more common shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff strain, frozen shoulder and shoulder dislocations as well as some of less common sports injuries of the shoulder. More detailed information on strapping, taping, treatment and rehabilitation is also explained and demonstrated.

Arm and elbow injuriesArm and elbow pain is categorized into pain on the outside of the elbow known as lateral elbow pain, pain on the inside of the elbow called medial elbow pain and pain at the back of the elbow. The most common sports injuries of the elbow are tennis elbow, golfers elbow and students elbow. We explain the injuries as well as treatment and rehabilitation exercises.

Wrist and hand injuriesWrist and hand injuries are divided into sudden onset or traumatic wrist injuries such as sprains, strains and fractures and wrist injuries where the pain is of gradual onset. Hand and finger injuries include finger sprains, fractured fingers and dislocations as well as gradual onset conditions such as trigger finger.

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