Foot Pain

Injuries can occur in different areas of the foot including the heel, midfoot, forefoot, toes and skin conditions such as athletes foot. Sports injuries are either sudden onset (acute) or they may occur gradually (chronic). Select from the options below.

Heel pain

Foot pain - heel injuries

Common in sports injuries, heel injuries usually occur gradually through overuse. Here we explain the most common causes of pain under the heel and pain at the back of the heel, heel pain in children as well as some of the less common causes of heel pain including fractures.

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Midfoot pain

Midfoot pain

Injuries causing pain in the middle of the foot where the tarsal bones are located include stress fractures as well as soft tissue injuries causing pain on the top of the foot and under the foot. Here we explain the most common causes of midfoot pain as well as some of the less common causes.

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Forefoot pain

Forefoot painForefoot pain often originates from the long metatarsal bones in the foot, down towards the toes as well as pain under the ball of the foot. The more common gradual onset injuries include metatarsal stress fractures, bunions, and Morton's neuroma. Sudden onset or acute injuries result from direct trauma or impact and include fractures and ligament sprains.

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Toe pain

Foot pain - toe injuries

The toes are a commonly injured part of the body in sport, particularly the big toe and little toe as they are the most exposed. Here we explain the more common toes injuries including broken toes, black toenails, and various toe deformities.

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Skin conditions

Skin problems on the foot are also very common for those who do sports. When the feet regularly get warm and sweaty, the potential for skin conditions to develop increases. Here we explain the common skin conditions including athletes foot, blisters, corns and calluses.