Does Plantar Fasciitis taping work?

This study investigated the effects of plantar taping on foot mechanics during walking. It found that non stretch tape applied to support the medial foot arch was more effective than elastic kinesiology tape.

It evaluated four taping methods and a barefoot control in 15 participants. The study found that inelastic tapes reduced medial longitudinal arch movement more effectively than elastic kinesiology tape. FasciaDerm was also effective in reducing spreading forces in both medial/lateral and anterior/posterior directions.

The study highlighted that the direction of tape elasticity significantly impacts its mechanical effectiveness. It concluded that while at-home plantar taping can influence foot mechanics, further research is needed to link these mechanical changes to symptom relief in plantar heel pain and related conditions.

Bruening, D.A., Messick, C.L., Waid, D.C. et al. For plantar taping, direction of elasticity matters. Sci Rep 13, 22811 (2023).

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