Hamstring Injuries In Professional Football

The study aimed to conduct a detailed analysis of hamstring injuries in English professional football over two seasons. Injury data from 91 professional football clubs were collected using an injury audit questionnaire and a weekly form documenting each club’s injury status.

Hamstring strains constituted 12% of total injuries, with 53% involving the biceps femoris. On average, each club experienced five hamstring strains per season, resulting in 13,116 days and 2029 matches missed. Most injuries occurred during running (57%), with matches (62%) being the common setting. Certain player groups, including Premiership, outfield players, black ethnic origin, and older age groups, showed higher rates of hamstring injury. Only 5% of hamstring strains underwent diagnostic investigation, and the reinjury rate was 12%.

Hamstring strains are prevalent in football, emphasizing the need for prevention. Differential diagnosis and evidence-based management are crucial, highlighting the importance of addressing initial injuries to reduce recurrence in footballers.

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