Groin Pain

Hip pain

Hip Pain

hip pain

Hip pain or hip joint pain is common in sportsmen and women, and is often in conjunction with or related to chronic groin pain. Hip pain often develops gradually and can be from a number of causes. Labral tears and Osteoarthritis are more common, especially in older athletes who have been highly active in their 20’s and 30’s.

Groin pain

Groin Pain

Groin pain can occur suddenly or may develop gradually over time. The most common cause of acute groin pain (sudden onset) is a groin strain. Gradual onset or chronic groin pain may have many causes including tendon inflammation, hernia or Gilmore’s groin. On this page: Groin strain Hernia Direct trauma to the groin (in men) …

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Buttock pain

Buttock Pain

Buttock Pain

Buttock pain is more common in athletes involved in sports which include sprinting and kicking. Pain usually develops gradually over time but can also occur suddenly in the case of muscle strains. Often buttock pain is related to or as a result of an injury elsewhere such as the lower back.

Groin strain exercises

Groin Strain Exercises

Groin strain rehabilitation exercises should include stretching, strengthening and sports specific exercises. On this page: Introduction & expert interview Groin strain stretching exercises Groin strain strengthening exercises Always seek professional advice before starting a rehabilitation program. The exercises below should form part of a full groin strain rehab program. Introduction to groin strain exercises Professional …

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