Inside foot pain



A bunion (also known as hallux valgus) is a painful swelling on the inside of the big toe. It develops gradually over time. Often the big toe looks bent inwards, towards the other toes. Medically

Tibialis posterior tendinopathy

Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis (Tendinopathy)

Tibialis posterior tendonitis (tendinopathy) is an overuse injury causing pain on the inside of the ankle. Pain is felt on the inside of the ankle which may radiate under the arch of the foot. Here

Tarsal tunnel syndrome pain location

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome causes burning pain with pins and needles or numbness in the heel and arch of the foot. Here we explain the symptoms, causes and treatment of Tarsal tunnel syndrome. Medically reviewed by

Navicular stress fracture

Navicular Stress Fracture

A Navicular stress fracture is one of the most common stress fractures affecting athletes, especially those in explosive events such as sprinting and jumping. It causes a vague aching pain in the midfoot. Medically reviewed

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