Sudden onset ankle pain

Pott's fracture broken ankle

Pott’s Fracture (Broken Ankle)

A Pott’s fracture is a type of broken ankle, involving either of the bony parts of the ankle, called malleolus. A bad ankle sprain is usually how it occurs. Sometimes It can be difficult to separate this ankle fracture from a sprain. Here we explain the symptoms, treatment, causes, as well as rehabilitation exercises. Symptoms …

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Peroneal tendonitis

Peroneal Tendonitis (Tendinopathy)

Peroneal tendonitis (tendinopathy) is an overuse injury causing inflammation or degeneration of the peroneal tendons on the outside of the ankle. On this page: Symptoms & diagnosis Causes & anatomy Treatment & Rehabilitation Exercises Go direct to: Peroneal tendon dislocation Ankle rehabilitation Peroneal Tendonitis Symptoms Symptoms of Peroneal tendonitis/tendinopathy include: Pain and swelling on the …

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Ankle sprain - Sprained ankle

Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle is one of the most common sports injuries. If you have suffered an ankle sprain then our rehabilitation program will get your back to full fitness as soon as possible. On this page: Symptoms & diagnosis Causes & anatomy Treatment Go direct to: Ankle taping Ankle sprain exercises Ankle sprain rehabilitation program …

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Ankle avulsion injury

Ankle Avulsion Fracture

An ankle avulsion fracture occurs when a tendon or ligament comes away from the bone often pulling a small piece of bone with it. The symptoms are similar to an ankle sprain, but unlike a sprain, an avulsion fracture pulls a piece of bone off when the ligament tears. An x-ray can determine which ankle …

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High Ankle Sprain

A high ankle sprain is an injury to the anterior tibiofibular ligament which joins the tibia and fibula together just above the ankle. This ankle injury is generally more severe and more complicated to treat than a normal sprain, Read more on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of a high ankle sprain. Symptoms Symptoms of …

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Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus

Osteochondral lesions (or fractures) of the cartilage, which sits on top of the Talus (ankle bone), most commonly occur in combination with an ankle sprain. An osteochondral lesion may not be diagnosed immediately. It may only be identified if a sprain doesn’t fully heal and the ankle continues to cause problems when further investigations would …

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