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Foot biomechanics

Foot Biomechanics & Gait Analysis

Foot Biomechanics & Gait Analysis

Foot biomechanics is the study of how the foot moves during the gait cycle. You wouldn’t build a house without getting the foundations right, and it is the same with foot biomechanics and sports injuries. If your foot biomechanics is not right, this can lead to lower leg, knee, hip, and back injuries.

Sports massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a popular form of treatment for soft tissue injuries. A regular sports massage also forms part of many athletes injury prevention strategy. We demonstrate simple sports massage techniques for various parts of the body and explain the benefits and effects of massage, as well as when it may not be appropriate. On …

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Types of Therapist

There are many types of therapist out there, all calling themselves something different, having completed different training and offering different treatments and services. How do you know which one to visit to meet your requirements? Or maybe you are thinking of training to work in the sports injury field and are not sure which profession to choose?

Cold therapy

Cryotherapy Cold Therapy

Cryotherapy Cold Therapy

Cold therapy in sport is popular as it is effective and easily available. In particular, the PRICE principles of PROTECTION, REST, ICE, COMPRESSION & ELEVATION are often important emergency first aid treatment for sports injuries but always check for contraindications where cold therapy may be harmful.

Sports Taping Techniques

Sports Taping

Sports Taping

Sports taping techniques are often used in sports to support weak or injured joints. We have a number of strapping and taping tutorial videos to help with treating common injuries, such as shin splints, ankle sprains, knee joint injuries, shoulder, and elbow problems.

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