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Cryokinetics is a rehabilitation technique involving ice application followed by progressive active exercises. It has been shown to be very successful in treating ligament sprains. Cryokinetics basically allows exercise which is pain-free, relatively soon after the injury. The anaesthesia or numbness arising from ice application does not remove pain-sensing mechanisms, it only removes the current …

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Cold therapy benefits

The Benefits Of Cold Therapy

Cold therapy, also referred to as cryotherapy has a number of effects on the body both immediately after injury and later in the rehabilitation process. Here we explain how applying ice helps reduce pain, bleeding and swelling. Pain relief The reason behind the application of ice resulting in pain relief is not clear. There are …

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Sports Taping Techniques

Sports Taping

Sports taping techniques are used to support weak or injured joints. We have a number of sports strapping and taping tutorial videos to help with treating common injuries. Jump to: Foot & ankle Shin Knee Thigh Foot & ankle Taping Plantar Fasciitis Plantar fasciitis taping is excellent for relieving pain under the heel from Plantar …

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Foot biomechanics

Foot Biomechanics & Gait Analysis

Foot biomechanics is the study of how the foot moves during the gait cycle. You wouldn’t build a house without getting the foundations right, and it is the same with foot biomechanics and sports injuries. On this page: Gait analysis What is overpronation? What is oversupination? Pes Planus (Flat foot) & Pes Cavus (Clawfoot) Foot …

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Drugs & Medication

The following are examples of commonly used medications for treating sporting injuries and other medical conditions. On this page: Antibiotics Aspirin Codeine Corticosteroids Hyaluronic Acid Ibuprofen Morphine Muscle relaxants Paracetamol Antibiotics Antibiotics are a form of medication which is used to treat bacterial infections. They are only available via a prescription (in the UK). Antibiotics …

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Medical imaging

Medical Imaging

Medical image methods explained, including MRI, X-rays and Bones Scans. On this page: Bone Scans Electromyograph (EMG) X-Rays Electrocardiogram (ECG) Echocardiogram Bone Density Tests CT Scan MRI Scans Nerve Conduction Studies Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan Bone Scans A bone scan (also known as a Radio Isotopic bone scan) is used to detect areas of bone with …

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Sports massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a popular form of treatment and prevention of soft tissue sports injuries. We demonstrate simple sports massage techniques for various parts of the body and explain the benefits and effects of massage, as well as when it may not be appropriate. Massage contraindications A contraindication is a situation when massage should not …

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Complementary & Alternative Therapies

Complementary and alternative therapies include treatments not considered in the mainstream. Many are used in addition to conventional medicine or as an alternative. On this page: Acupuncture Acupressure Aromatherapy Floatation therapy Myofascial release Reflexology Shiatsu Reiki Acupuncture Acupuncture was first used in ancient China, as early as 960AD. The word acupuncture derives from a latin …

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