Vibrating Foam Rollers

Vibrating foam rollers combine the benefits of powerful massage guns with the ease of use of a foam roller.


In an ideal world, you should get a deep tissue massage regularly. However, the average sportsman or woman does not have their own personal massage therapist in their kit bag.

Massage guns

Foam rollers make an excellent alternative to regular massage. Another alternative is to use a massage gun. A massage gun is a powerful vibrating tool that works deep into your muscles.

They do, however, work best if you have someone else use them on you. Now you can combine the benefits of a massage gun with the benefits of foam rolling in one product.

What is a vibrating foam roller?

vibrating foam rollers

A vibrating foam roller is simply a foam roller which vibrates like a massage gun. Athletes and therapists use foam rolling to target the fascia surrounding muscles. The fascia is the band of protective tissue fibres which surrounds muscles.

It also applies deep sustained pressure into the muscles, flushing blood through them and softening tight knots, lumps and bumps.

How do I use a vibrating foam roller?

vibrating foam rollers

Use your body weight to perform a number of different exercises in the same way you would a standard foam roller. However, because of the vibrations, you do not need to roll so much. In fact, you hardly need to roll at all. This makes it less painful to use than a standard foam roller.

By using your own body weight to apply pressure where needed, a foam roller benefits you by effectively and efficiently targeting muscle discomfort, adhesions, and tension. This in turn aids muscle recovery after exercise. The powerful vibrating effect increases tissue stimulation, stimulating blood flow and relaxing your muscles even further. If you have any specific tight spots, lumps or painful areas within the muscle then you can easily focus a bit more on those.

Foam rollers are an excellent piece of affordable kit to assist muscle recovery and tension relief. The benefits of applying self-myofascial release massage include enhanced muscle recovery and a swifter recovery period, which in turn can enhance overall athletic performance.

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