Ankle Sprain Taping

The following guidelines are for information purposes only. We recommend seeking professional advice before beginning rehabilitation. This 4 stage ankle taping covers a figure of 8 ankle taping, stirrup strapping, heel lock and basketweave ankle taping. Each stage offers progressively more support or can be done on its own.

Part 1 Ankle Taping Figure of 8

The figure of 8 strapping is the first and probably least supportive stage of ankle strapping. It aims to protect either the lateral ligaments on the outside or the deltoid ligaments on the inside of the ankle.

Part 2 - Stirrups

An ankle strapping can have different stages or levels of support. Stage 1 demonstrated a figure of 8 technique which can be used on its own or applied before applying stage 2 stirrups.

Part 3 - Heel lock

The third stage of ankle strapping follows a figure of 8 first stage which is the least supportive followed by stirrup straps which protect the lateral ligaments. Any of these taping techniques can be used on their own as required of all together for maximum support.

 Part 4 - Basketweave ankle strapping

This stage stage 4 of the ankle strapping technique called a basketweave technique. It is the most supportive of all of the ankle strapping techniques. It supports the lateral ligament complex on the outside and the deltoid ligament complex on the inside.


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