Myofascial Pain in Buttock Muscles

Buttock pain

Myofascial pain or trigger points in the Gluteus medius and Piriformis muscles can cause pain in the buttock area.

Symptoms of Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain symptoms include:

  • Pain and tension in the buttocks or low back.
  • Pain radiates into the back of the thigh, particularly when pressed (palpated).
  • Hip mobility may be affected, especially internal rotation.

What is a trigger point?

Myofascial Pain - Buttock
Gluteus maximus

A trigger point is a tiny local knot in the muscle. It causes pain in the buttock or lower back which may spread to other areas.

Treatment of Myofascial Pain

Treatment involves improving the overall condition of the muscle through stretching, strengthening, and massage.

Stretching exercises

Begin a comprehensive stretching routine for the muscles of the lower back, hip, and groin. The following exercises are great for stretching the gluteal (buttock) muscles.

Piriformis Syndrome Exercises
Piriformis syndrome
Piriformis stretch in standing

Identify causes

Identify the cause of the trigger points and myofascial pain.

They are a secondary condition that will have been caused by another problem such as low back conditions or a muscle imbalance or instability of the pelvis.

Foam roller

Foam roller exercise for piriformis syndrome

Foam roller exercises are excellent for relaxing the muscle and releasing knots and trigger points. They are especially useful if you do not have access to regular massage.


Apply deep tissue massage techniques to the gluteal muscles. A good massage therapist can feel lumps and bumps in the muscles. They use a variety of techniques to pump blood through the muscle and relax them.

In particular, trigger point therapy involves applying sustained local pressure to the trigger point. Holding it in place until tension (or pain) subsides, then increasing pressure once more. This is repeated until no further gains are achieved.


Dry needling or acupuncture may help release tension and lengthen muscles

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