Foot Biomechanics

running insoles

Choosing The Right Insoles

Choosing the best arch support insoles for shoes or boots depends on your foot type and what you need them for. Here we explain the wet foot test and how to determine whether you overpronate,

Overpronation and Supination

Supination (Foot Biomechanics)

Supination is a movement of the foot necessary for walking and running among other activities. However, in some cases, over-supination leads to injuries. Medically reviewed by Dr Chaminda Goonetilleke, 20th Jan. 2022 What is supination?

Flat feet & Claw foot

Pes Cavus (Claw foot)

Claw foot is also known as Pes Cavus. It is a genetic defect resulting in a high foot arch. Claw feet are relatively inflexible which increases the chances of sustaining certain sports injuries. This will

Foot pain

Foot Pain

Here we explain the common causes of foot pain including heel, forefoot, arch, top of the foot, and toes. Medically reviewed by Dr. Chaminda Goonetilleke, 20th Jan. 2022 Select the type or location of your


Overpronation (Foot Biomechanics)

Overpronation is often recognised as a flattening or rolling in of the foot but it is not quite as simple as that. If you overpronate, the timing of when your foot rolls in is also

Foot biomechanics

Foot Biomechanics

Foot biomechanics is the study of how the foot moves during the gait cycle. You wouldn’t build a house without getting the foundations right, and it is the same with foot biomechanics and sports injuries.

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