Elbow Impingement

Acute elbow injuries

Posterior elbow impingement causes pain at the back of the elbow.



Elbow pain, especially when fully straightening your arm is the main symptom of elbow impingement.

Elbow hyperextension causes

In some people, their elbow naturally hyperextends (over-straightens) bending back the wrong way. The cause of elbow impingement varies depending on age.

Younger athletes

Repeated hyperextension causes impingement in young athletes. This is because, over time, extra bone grows in the elbow. As a result, the new bone growth impinges joint movement, eventually leading to deformity. If deformity develops then the athlete is unable to fully straighten their arm.

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Older athletes

In older athletes, Osteoarthritis or wear and tear of the elbow joint is the most likely cause.

Treatment for elbow impingement

Elbow hyperextension taping limits the range of movement at the elbow preventing hyperextension.

If conservative treatment fails then you may need surgery. This involves removing the impinging bone growth.

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