Elbow Impingement

Posterior elbow impingement causes pain at the back of the elbow.


Pain is felt when your arm is straightened to the maximum range of movement. In some people, the elbow may ‘over-straighten’ and begin to bend back the wrong way.


In young athletes, it is caused by repeated hyperextension (over straightening/bending back the wrong way).

Over time bone growth in the elbow occurs which makes the impingement worse and eventually may lead to deformity, where the athlete is unable to straighten the arm fully.

In older athletes, Osteoarthritis or wear and tear of the elbow joint is the most likely cause.


Treatment may involve taping or wearing an elbow support to limit the range of movement at the elbow, preventing hyperextension.

If conservative treatment is not successful then surgery may be required to remove the impinging bone growth.

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