Scrotal Contusion


A scrotal contusion occurs when there is direct trauma or impact on the scrotum or testicles. It is not unknown in sports. Here we explain the implications and treatment of a contusion to the testicles.


Symptoms of a scrotal contusion

Symptoms of direct trauma to the scrotum or testicles include:

  • Severe pain at the time of impact or trauma.
  • There may be swelling in the testicles along with bruising which may appear later.
  • Nausea or feeling of sickness is likely and the area is likely to be tender for a few days.
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What is a scrotal contusion?

A scrotal contusion is bleeding and bruising in the scrotum or testicles following a direct impact on the area from a ball or opponent. There will be severe pain on impact with swelling, tenderness, and nausea also being possible symptoms. This normally heals naturally without any complications or long-term problems.

Treatment of a scrotal contusion

Treatment of a scrotal contusion is to rest and allow it to heal naturally. In the vast majority of cases, there are no side effects or long-term problems following such an injury. Painkillers and cold packs or baths may be recommended by a doctor to ease the pain, bleeding, and swelling.

If there are any unusual symptoms immediately or in the weeks following the injury, seek medical attention.

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