Patellar Tendon Massage

Patella tendonitis cross friction massage

Here we demonstrate simple cross friction massage for Patella tendonitis or Jumper’s knee.


Before beginning any massage treatment your therapist will check for contraindications. A contraindication is something that indicates massage is not suitable, or worse, could cause further injury or damage.

In particular, if you have acute inflammation or suspect a tendon rupture, then massage is not appropriate. Likewise, knee bursitis or if you have had a recent contusion then you should avoid massage.

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When should I apply massage?

Cross friction massage may help in treating Patella tendonitis/tendinopathy after the initial acute stage has passed. In particular, long term, chronic cases which fail to respond to initial treatment of rest and applying cold therapy/ice.

How to apply cross friction massage


Apply gentle pressure to the thigh muscles, just above the patella. This has the effect of tilting the bottom of the patella upwards. As a result, the point at where the tendon attaches to the patella is exposed and more easily accessed.

Then apply gentle cross friction massage techniques forwards and backwards across the tendon.

Massage may help loosen thigh muscles and increase the effectiveness of stretching exercises.

Jumper’s Knee Rehabilitation Program

Our step by step rehabilitation program takes you from initial injury to full fitness.

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We recommend the following products to help treat Jumper’s knee/Patella tendonitis:

Cold wrap

Cold compresion wrap

A cold therapy and compression wrap is essential first aid. It reduces pain and swelling and can also be used to apply heat later in the rehabilitation program.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are important for most sports rehabilitation and enable you to exercise any muscle from the comfort of your own home.

Foam roller

A foam roller is an excellent piece of kit which can be used in place of massage to treat calf injuries. They are also excellent when use regularly as part of your warm up to help prevent future injury and improve performance.

Jumpers knee patella tendon strap

Jumper’s knee strap

A patella tendon strap goes around the knee just below the Patella. It applies compression to the Patella tendon, changing how forces are transmitted through it.

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Patella tendonitis cross friction massage

Patellar Tendon Massage

Here we demonstrate simple cross friction massage for Patella tendonitis or Jumper’s knee. Contraindications Before beginning any massage treatment your therapist will check for contraindications.…
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