Shin Splints Massage

Calf muscles massage

Sports massage can help with the treatment and rehabilitation of shin splints type pain. Here we explain some simple techniques a professional therapist might use as well as self-massage techniques.



Self massage

Calf massage

Massage contraindications

Before beginning and massage treatment it is important to check for contraindications. A contraindication is something that means massage might not be not suitable, or may even be harmful.

Most relevent to shin pain include:

Periostitis – this is inflammation of the sheath surrounding the bone. It is important to stay away from the bone when performing shin splints massage.

Muscle strains – massaging a recent muscle strain or tear will increase bleeding and make it worse.

Thrombosis – or DVT is a blood clot common in the calf muscles. If you suspect a DVT then seek medical advice immediately. Massage can cause very serious injury or worse!

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Self help massage techniques


Sports massage & myofascial release may be beneficial after the first 3 days or so. Massage will reduce tension in the muscles which may be causing excessive traction forces on the bone, as well as increasing blood flow and therefore, aiding the healing process.

Techniques should initially be light, being careful to avoid the inflamed periosteum along the bone as this can make symptoms worse.

Calf massage for shin splints


Deep tissue massage techniques to the muscles at the back of the lower leg can help treat and prevent shin splints type pain.

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