Massage Lotion vs Wax

The choice between massage lotion and massage wax depends on several factors. These include personal preference, the type of massage being performed, and the client’s needs. However, both products have their advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a comparison to help you decide which may suit you better:

Massage lotion advantages

The following are advantages of using massage lotion:


Lotion provides a smooth glide, which is ideal for relaxation massages and longer strokes. It is likely more suitable for working on large areas such as the back.


Lotion is typically absorbed more easily by the skin. Therefore it is a good choice for clients who prefer a less oily or greasy feel after the massage.


It’s suitable for a wide range of massage techniques and various modalities, including Swedish and deep tissue massage.

Be aware of

Be mindful of the ingredients in the lotion, as some may contain additives or fragrances that some clients might be sensitive to. You may need to reapply lotion more frequently compared to wax. This is because it is absorbed into the skin.

Massage wax advantages

The advantages of wax include:


Wax provides better grip or traction on the skin. As a result, it is useful for techniques like deep tissue massage or myofascial release. Both these techniques are popular in sports massage treatment.


Wax typically doesn’t require frequent reapplication. Therefore, more cost-effective in the long run. Less is more when it comes to wax.

Warming Properties

Some massage waxes have warming properties. As a result, they can enhance relaxation and muscle tension relief. This is also popular with athletes for pre-competition massage.

Be aware of

Some clients may find the texture of wax less smooth and may prefer the traditional, oily feel of lotion. Also, be cautious about potential allergies, because some wax products may contain ingredients unsuitable for sensitive skin.


Ultimately, the choice between massage lotion and wax comes down to your personal preference as a massage therapist and the specific needs and preferences of your clients. Many therapists choose to have both options available in their practice, allowing them to select the most appropriate product for each client and type of massage. Experimenting with both lotion and wax can help you determine which one you’re more comfortable using and which one best suits your client’s needs.

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