PCL Sprain Taping

The aim of taping for a Posterior cruciate ligament injury or torn PCL is to support the knee. In particular, it should prevent the knee joint hyperextending (bending back the wrong way.


Here we demonstrate a versatile knee taping technique which is suitable for all knee ligament injuries. However, it should be adapted as necessary to give additional support depending on which ligament, or ligaments you have injured.

Knee supports

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PCL support taping

For PCL injury taping you should add additional support strips at the back of the knee to prevent hyperextension.

All taping techniques follow the same basic principles.

Step 1 – anchors

Place anchor strips around the lower leg and knee.

Use elastic tape for anchors so it allows room to stretch as your muscles expand when exercises.

Step 2 – Support strips

Apply support strips between the anchor strips.

For PCL sprains make sure you add additional strips at the back of the knee to prevent hyperextension.

Step 4 – Finishing strips

Apply finishing strips in the same way you did the anchor strips.

These hold the support strips firmly in place.

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