Inside Knee Pain (Medial)

Medial knee pain is a pain on the inside of the knee which usually comes on gradually as opposed to a sudden acute knee injury. If you are not sure what your injury is then why not try our symptom checker? Pain on the inside of the knee is usually an acute injury caused by a sudden trauma, however, it can come on gradually over time with poor biomechanics and overuse. Below we outline the most common medial knee injuries as well as some of the less common causes and important conditions which should not be missed.

Osteoarthritis - Knee

Osteoarthritis or wear and tear on the knee joint is a common cause of knee pain. We explain the injury and treatment options.

Synovial Plica Irritation

The synovial plica is a synovial fold found along the inside of the kneecap causing pain and discomfort. It is sometimes be confused or misdiagnosed as patellofemoral pain syndrome as the symptoms can be similar.

Pes Anserine  - Bursitis

Pes anserine tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon on the inside of the knee. A bursa or small fluid sac can also become inflamed causing pain.

The following knee injuries are acute meaning they come on suddenly and cause pain on the inside of the knee.

Medial ligament sprain

A medial ligament sprain or MCL injury is a tear of the ligament on the inside of the knee, usually a result of twisting or direct impact. Medial ligament injuries are common in contact sports such as football and rugby, as well as martial arts. They can also occur in daily life through falls and twists of the knee joint. Because the deep part of the ligament attaches to the cartilage meniscus in the joint then a severe MCL sprain can also occur with a cartilage meniscus tear.

Medial cartilage meniscus injury

A torn meniscus is a tear to the semi circular cartilage in the knee joint causing pain on the inside of the knee. It is commonly injured through direct impact in contact sports or twisting but can also occur in older athletes through gradual degeneration. Treatment depends on how bad the injury is and may require surgery.

Knee contusion

A knee contusion or bruised knee occurs due to an impact on the inside of the knee, particularly something hitting the knee, such as a ball or club. Contusion is the medical term for a bruise and may involve damage to any of the soft tissues or bone.

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