Cellulitis Infection – Finger Felon

Finger felon cellulitis

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the superficial and deep layers of the skin. In the fingertip, this is known as a felon. It is often caused by a small injury to the end of the finger which can make it painful and swell up. Read more about this infection and how to treat it.

Symptoms of a finger felon

  • Symptoms of a Felon or fingertip infection include a throbbing pain at the end of the finger.
  • Felons most commonly occur in the thumb or index finger.
  • There may be swelling, inflammation and redness over the end of the finger.


Felons sometimes occur after a minor injury to the fingertip, such as a splinter or small puncture wound. Fingertip blood glucose testing has been implicated as a cause of fingertip infections. They may also happen with no clear cause.

Treatment for cellulitis (finger felon)

  • If you suspect a felon or cellulitis of the finger then seek medical attention or visit a doctor as soon as possible.
  • If an infection is diagnosed then the Doctor will prescribe antibiotic medication to clear the infection.
  • In most cases, this is all the treatment which is required and the infection will clear by the end of the course.
  • In severe cases, where the blood flow may be compromised, decompression may be required.
  • This involves a small incision in the fingertip so that fluid can be drained and so pressure released and is done under a local anesthetic injection.

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