Elbow & Arm Exercises

Use the tabs below to view elbow and arm strengthening and rehabilitation exercises. We have divided them into early / mid stage exercises and late stage which are more suitable for those returning to sports or with no injury as maintenance exercises.

Elbow Rehabilitation

After an elbow injury, the aim is to regain full, pain-free movement and strength. Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow are the most common elbow injuries and whilst the pain is at the elbow, the injury is actually in the forearm muscles and caused by repetitive wrist movements. So in many elbow rehab programs the focus will actually be on wrist exercises.

Injuries to the Biceps and Triceps muscles and tendons, as well as ligament injuries and hyperextension injuries may require the use of some of the exercises listed above.

Bicep and Tricep stretches are useful to perform before and after a weight training program.