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Arm and Elbow Exercises

We have exercises for rehabilitation of specific injuries for example tennis elbow. We have also categorized them into early, mid and late stage exercises although this is only a guide and we recommend seeking professional advice.

Exercises for specific injuries +

Basic principles

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Early stage exercises

These exercises are often done as soon as possible after injury if pain will allow. The aim is to restore range of motion without putting any damaged tissues under stress. The exact exercises and how quickly you progress through will depend on the type and severity of injury. Active mobility exercises where the athlete physically attempts to move the joint through a range of motion are often the first step.

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Mid stage exercises

During the mid stage exercises progress to gentle strengthening, gradually increasing the load on the joint and through the recovering tissues. Balance and proprioception training usually begins.

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Late stage exercises

These exercises are more functional and sports specific. The aim is to restore full strength and mobility to the joint and return the athlete to full training and competition.

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Injury Image

Bicep Curl at Different Angles

Varying the angle of the shoulder and also the rotation of the lower arm during Biceps Curls can change the emphasis onto different parts of the muscle.

Injury Image

Isometric Biceps Exercise

Isometric biceps contractions (isometric elbow flexion) start to strengthen the biceps muscle and are really useful in the early stages of rehabilitation after an injury.

Injury Image

Active Pronator Elbow Stretch

Pronator stretches work on increasing the flexibility of the pronator muscles in order to increase the range of supination available at the wrist / forearm.

Injury Image

Active Supinator Elbow Stretch

This supinator stretch works to increase the amount of pronation (turning the palm down) by stretching tight supinator muscles which restrict this movement.

Injury Image

Assisted Biceps Stretch

The assisted biceps stretch is used to increase elbow extension with the assistance of a therapist.

Injury Image

Assisted Forearm Stretches

This exercise can be used to increase the rotation at the wrist, also known as supination. The patient uses overpressure from the other hand to increase the stretch.

Injury Image

Bicep Curl with Resistance Band

This rehabilitation exercise is designed to strengthen the biceps muscle either in the mid stages of rehab or for those looking to increase muscle tone.

Injury Image

Isometric Triceps

Static contraction of the triceps muscle at the back of the upper arm. Used in the early stages of rehabilitation.

Injury Image

Partner Resisted Biceps Curl

A therapist or partner privides resistance while the athlete performs the bicep curl. This is a good early stage rehabilitation exercise

Injury Image

Partner Resisted Triceps Exercise

The partner resisted triceps exercise (elbow extension) involves a partner providing resistance as the athlete tries to straighten the elbow. This is great for the early stages of triceps strengthening.

Injury Image

Pronation & Supination with bar

Pronation and supination can be performed using a resistance band wrapped around some sort of short bar or pole as shown.

Injury Image

Resistance Band Tricep Extension

This exercise works the tricep muscle. The athlete starts with the elbow bent and pointing to the ceiling and straightens the arm in a controlled manner.

Injury Image

Resisted Supination / Pronation

Supination and pronation are the movements of turning the palm of the hand over. Supination ends with the palm facing up and pronation ends with the palm facing down.

Injury Image

Tricep Dip on Ball

A tricep dip is a commonly performed exercise. Adding a swiss ball makes it more challenging for both the arms and the core muscles.

Injury Image

Tricep Extension Supine

The tricep extension exercise shown here strengthens the Triceps Brachii muscle. It is sometimes also known as a skull crusher or jaw breaker!

Injury Image

Tricep Kickbacks with band

The tricep kickback exercise can be performed with a resistance band as shown here, or with a dumbbell. It is a great mid-stage rehab exercise to isolate the triceps.

Injury Image

Tricep Push Downs

The tricep push down exercise can be performed with a band as shown here or on some resistance machines.