Groin Strapping

Here we demonstrate a simple strapping technique to protect the groin muscles. It is suitable for recovering from a groin strain and similar injuries.

Aim of groin strapping

The aim of groin strapping is to aid the healing process by applying compression to the area immediately after injury. It may also be used as an alternative to a groin wrap (support) during rehabilitation.

This is part of the PRICE principles of protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. It can also protect and support the muscles during rehabilitation and help prevent further damage to the injured muscle.

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What equipment and tape do I need?

This is a very simple strapping. All you need is a 7cm, or 10cm elastic or elastic cohesive bandage, and 2.5cm nonstretch zinc oxide tape is required to finish it off. An elastic cohesive bandage is an elastic tape that does not have a sticky side. It is very good at sticking to itself. It is also a lot easier to tear than an elastic adhesive bandage, which has a sticky side.

How to strap the groin muscles

  • To apply groin strain strapping, start on the inside of the thigh to be supported wrap once around the thigh applying tension across the front and upwards of the groin. Pass the bandage around the back of the waist and around to the front.
  • Then pass the bandage around the back of the thigh and around the groin once more applying tension to the front and upwards on the groin. Again, pass around the back and repeat this as required or until the bandage runs out.
  • Follow the same pattern with a roll of 2.5cm zinc oxide tape. Start on the inside of the groin, pass around the thigh applying tension as the tape comes around the groin and up the front of the thigh. Pass the tape around the back of the waist, across the front, and then back around the thigh to the start.
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