Sports Massage

Sports massage

Sports massage is a popular form of treatment and prevention of soft tissue sports injuries. We demonstrate simple sports massage techniques and explain the benefits, effects, and contraindications of massage.



A massage contraindication is something that indicates massage could be harmful. Continuing with treatment may be more detrimental than beneficial and in some cases may cause serious medical problems.

Benefits of sports massage

The benefits of sports massage are physical, physiological, and psychological.

Calf supports

Paper Couch Rolls (UK) (USA)

Lower Leg & Ankle Massage

We have the following lower leg and ankle massage tutorials:

Calf strain

Use sports massage for calf strains after the initial acute phase. Do not massage in the first 5 days post-injury because you may delay healing or make your injury worse.

Shin splints

Sports massage & myofascial release for shin splints/medial tibial stress may be beneficial after the first 3 days or so. It is important to avoid the bone as this may worsen symptoms.

Ankle sprain

Cross-friction massage applied to ankle ligaments helps realign new scar tissue. Massage of the calf muscles also aids recovery.

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Achilles tendonitis

Sports massage techniques for Achilles tendon pain mobilize the tissues and helps align scar tissue.

Knee Injury Massage

Jumper’s knee

Cross-friction massage for patella tendonitis (tendinopathy or jumper’s knee) helps to heal, especially chronic injuries.

Thigh & Groin Massage

Hamstring strain

Sports massage for pulled hamstrings begins after the acute stage. Light techniques, to begin with, become deeper as your injury heals.

Thigh strain

Sports massage for thigh strains is beneficial after the initial acute stage.

Groin strain

Groin strain massage is beneficial once the acute stage passes. Be careful not to use massage too early because you may increase bleeding, making your injury worse.

Arm & Elbow Massage

Tennis elbow – Massage can be a useful treatment for tennis elbow, particularly for more chronic conditions. In particular cross friction massage of the tendon insertion but only once the initial inflammation has settled (after 5 days) is done.

Tennis elbow strap brace

Tennis Elbow Strap (UK) (USA)


AC joint sprain massage – cross friction massage techniques for the acromioclavicular joint at the top of the shoulder.

Massage Guns

Massage guns are mechanical devices designed to take some of the hard work out of deep tissue massage. They are ideal if you:

  • Work in a busy practice and want to ease the strain on your hands
  • Do not have access to professional massage
  • Want a convenient way of getting massage benefits from home
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