Foam Roller For Calf Strains

A foam roller is excellent for recovering from calf strains, especially if you do not have access to regular massage. Here we demonstrate how to use a foam roller for treating a torn calf muscle.


You can use a foam roller for treating calf strains on your own, or with a partner. Probably the best way is if you have a partner or your physio to help. This means you can relax and they can more accurately target how and where to apply pressure.

Should I use a foam roller for a calf strain?

Using a foam roller for muscle strains is excellent if you do not have access to regular massage therapy. Even if you are lucky enough to receive regular hands-on treatment, you can always use the foam roller in between massage sessions.

The applied resistance effectively massages the body. This releases muscle tension and tightness, reducing discomfort, adhesions, and muscle tension.

With a partner

  • Lie on your front
  • Your therapist or partner applies gentle pressure in small rolling movements
  • Start at the bottom where your Achilles tendon is and work upwards
  • Pressure should not be so great the pain causes you to tighten up
  • You may feel mild discomfort but it should not be painful

On your own

  • Sit with your leg resting on top of the foam roller
  • Move forwards using your body weight to apply downward pressure on the roller
  • Use slow, small movements and try to feel areas of muscle tension
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