Seated wobble board

Seated wobble board execises are basic, early stage ankle mobility exercises. They form part of a number of our lower leg rehab programs. In particular, ankle sprain, especially more severe injuries. The main purpose of seated wobble balance board exercises is ankle mobility.


How to do seated wobble board exercises

Whilst sitting down place the wobble board under your feet and slowly rotate it a number of times in each direction. This is good for improving or maintaining ankle range of motion and control. You are able to mobilize you ankle without placing any load on it. Therefore, this is often used very early on in a rehab program.

However, be careful to avoid movements which are painful. For example, excessive inversion if you have an ankle sprain because you may stretch the ligament before it has healed properly.

Aim for 4 sets of 30 seconds.

Similar and alternative exercises

  • Active ankle mobility
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