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Sports Strapping & Taping

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Achilles Tendon Taping Technique

A simple sports taping technique can help take the strain off the achilles tendon while it is healing.

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Elbow Taping

The aim of this taping is to prevent hyperextension (over straightening or bending the wrong way) of the elbow. It will provide support for strained elbow ligaments.

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Finger Buddy Taping

The aim of this taping is to prevent movement of the injured finger during the healing stage of rehabilitation. Fingers 1 and 2 are usually 'paired' for taping and 3 and 4 are usually best taped together.

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Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape (also known as kinesiology tape or K-tape) is a taping technique developed by Dr Kenzo Kase in Japan more than 25 years ago. It claims to assist in the healing of sporting injuries.

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Tearing zinc oxide tape

This has proved a challenge for many a sports injury therapist or trainer but if a simple technique is used then it should but once mastered you should never have a problem again.

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Types of tape

There are many different types of tape used for strapping and taping in sport. The three main types used are zinc oxide tape, elastic adhesive bandage and elastic cohesive bandage.