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Hamstring strain rehabilitaiton app

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Hamstring Strain Expert Interview Massage

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Susan Findlay from the North London School of Sports Massage talks about how sports massage can help in the healing and treatment of hamstring strains.

Sports massage can help in treating hamstring strains. It helps to lengthen the muscles if they need to be lengthened out. In some cases this is not necessary. Sports massage can rectify compromises or dysfunction by flushing out the tissue, lengthening it, making it softer to prevent tears.

The hamstring is an area which tends to need regular maintenance. When the injury is in an acute state, RICE is applied and either immobilisation or active rest. Sports massage isn't usually applied until there is no pain on touching the area. At this point, the massaeg therapist can go in and flush out waste products, address any adhesions in the muscle or realign tissues and look at the muscle balances.

Massage does benefit this injury. Regular maintenance can help prevent the injury returning. Often people ignore a minor injury, it gets better so they continue and then it tears worse. It's better to address the initial injury.