Iliolumbar Ligament Sprain

Iliolumbar Ligament Sprain

An Iliolumbar ligament sprain is an injury to the Iliolumbar ligament between the pelvis and the 5th lumbar vertebrae. This ligament may be injured after a sudden movement or repeated bending and lifting.

Symptoms of a iliolumbar ligament sprain

Iliobumbar ligament sprain symptoms include pain in the lower back right at the bottom and just to one side of the spine. The patient will experience pain when bending forwards or sideways with a reduced range of movement. There is likely to be muscle spasm on the injured side with tenderness when pressing on over the ligament.

Treatment of iliolumbar ligament sprain

  • Cold therapy to reduce pain and swelling if present.
  • When pain allows, deep tissue sports massage techniques to mobilize the soft tissues in the area particularly the buttock and hip muscles.
  • Stretching techniques for the muscles of the hip and buttocks.
  • If this fails, a corticosteroid / anesthetic mix injection may be useful.