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Knee joint injuries and sprains

Knee Joint Injuries & Sprains

A Knee sprain is a tear of any of the four ligaments in the knee. Most common are anterior cruciate ligament and medial ligament sprains. Other sudden onsets, ‘acute knee injuries’ include cartilage meniscus injuries, hamstring and quadriceps tendon strains, and patella dislocation. On this page: Anterior cruciate ligament sprain (ACL) Medial knee ligament sprain …

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Posterior knee pain

Posterior Knee Pain (Back)

Posterior knee pain refers to pain behind the knee/at the back of the knee and can be acute (sudden onset) or chronic (gradual onset). Hamstring tendon strains are common acute injuries. A Baker’s cyst is a large swelling at the back of the joint which occurs gradually. On this page: Biceps femoris tendon strain (hamstring …

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Medial knee pain

Medial Knee Pain (Inside)

Pain on the inside of the knee is known as medial knee pain and is most commonly caused by caused by a sudden trauma (acute knee injury). Medial knee pain may also develop gradually (chronic knee injuries) over time, through overuse or poor lower limb biomechanics. If you are not sure what your injury is, …

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Lateral knee pain

Lateral Knee Pain (Outside)

Most sports injuries which cause pain on the outside of the knee are gradual onset, overuse injuries rather than sudden onset sprains and strains. The athlete is often unable to pinpoint the exact time an injury occured and may have continued to train through what they though was a minor niggle. Common causes of lateral …

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Pain at the front of the knee

Anterior Knee Pain (Front)

Anterior knee pain is pain at the front of the knee including the patella or kneecap. The two most common causes of pain at the front of the kneecap are patellofemoral pain and patella tendinitis, also known as Jumper’s knee. Here we outline the causes of pain at the front of the knee. On this …

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