Knee, Thigh and Hamstring Exercises

The following leg exercises are used as part of knee rehabilitation and thigh rehab programs.

See hamstring exercises for specific a hamstring strain injury.

We have split the exercises into early stage knee and hamstring exercises which can usually begin within a few days of injury, mid stage which will make up the bulk of a knee or hamstring rehab program and late stage or functional exercises which are more closely related to the demands of the sport.

Early stage knee exercises

The following exercises are often recommended in the early stages of knee rehabilitation. The specific exercises recommended and when to perform them will depend on your injury and what stage of the healing process you are at. Some of the early stage hamstring exercises may be mid stage and vice versa. However, in general exercises can begin as soon as pain allows and will start with static or isometric exercises which do not involve any movement. Simple mobility exercises are also important for preventing the knee stiffening up or regaining movement following injury or surgery.

Mid stage knee exercises

Mid stage knee exercises will form the majority of time taken with knee rehabilitation. They will include exercises involving movement of the knee and often include use of elastic resistance bands. Again, depending on the type of injury some of these may be more suitable as late stage exercises, particularly for more severe hamstring strains.

Late stage knee exercises

The following knee exercises are more suitable for the later stages of rehabilitation before and whilst returning to normal sports training. The hamstring exercises begin to resemble the types of movement required for running and jumping. In addition to the exercises below plyometric training involving hopping and bounding should also be included as well as proprioceptive or balance board, agility and co-ordination type exercises.

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