Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance band exercises are excellent for home exercise training and sports injury rehabilitation. Exercise bands come in a variety of colors and strengths. The lighter resistance bands are more suitable for wrist and arm exercises whilst the heavy exercise bands are better for large muscle groups such as the legs and back. The length of band required will depend on the exercise but 2m is suitable for most exercises. They can always be doubled up to increase resistance as strength increases.

Use the tabs below to view our resistance band exercises. Each one has a demonstration video with teaching points, muscles worked, related injuries and alternative exercises. The number of repetitions and sets will depend on the strength of the muscles and stage of rehabilitation but most trainers will recommend starting at 1 or 2 sets of 10 reps and progressing to 3 sets of 15 before increasing the resistance.

Why use resistance bands?

Resistance band exercises using exercise bands are excellent for injury rehabilitation. A light resistance band can be used to start with progressing to more difficult bands as strength improves.

They are particularly useful for shoulder rehabilitation. The shoulder joint has a huge range of motion in different planes and the exercise bands are versatile as well as being portable.