Leg Press Resistance Machine

The leg press is an excellent machine for working the largest muscle groups in the legs, the hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes (buttock muscles). There are several variations of leg press machine. Some involve the platform moving back when pushed, others where the seat moves back when you push against the stationary platform. Varying angled leg presses are also common.

Teaching points

  • Position yourself on the seat with the feet hip width apart on the platform In the starting position there should be approximately a 90 degree angle at the knee.  
  • Adjust the seat accordingly.  
  • Push with the legs to straighten the knees (either the seat will move backwards or the platform will move forwards).  
  • Do not lock the knees - leave a slight bend.  
  • Slowly bend the knees back towards the starting position, although do not allow the weights in the stack to touch.
  • This maintains tension on the muscle.

Variations & progressions

  • Perform one leg at a time. This is especially useful following injury to prevent compensation with the stronger leg.  
  • Raise the feet higher up the platform to emphasise the glutes.  

Muscles worked

Alternative exercises

Related injuries