Wrist & Hand Exercises

Use the tabs below to view exercises which can be used in the rehabilitation and prevention of hand and wrist injuries. If you are looking for exercises for a specific injury such as Carpal tunnel exercises or Tennis elbow exercises then visit the specific injury rehab pages.

Rehab exercises for the wrist and hand should always be done pain free. The number of repetitions will depend on your injury or strengthening aims and stage of rehabilitation.

As a guide most trainers would recommend starting at one set of 8 reps daily increasing to 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps before increasing the resistance. Always seek professional advice if unsure.

Wrist and Hand Rehabilitation

Injuries to the wrist and hand are most common in sports involving throwing and catching such as Baseball and Netball, as well as those involving hard balls and sticks etc (e.g. Hockey). They also occur in daily life through falls where the hand or wrist is used to cushion the impact and also repetitive strain injuries (rsi) like tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Strengthening of the muscles in the hand and wrist after an injury is often neglected, but it can play an important part in preventing further injury and regaining full use of the extremity, especially when it comes to grip strength.

Exercises can be performed with either no equipment at all (isometric contractions - pushing against a stationary object), or with simple equipment like a dumbbell (or alternative like a bottle of water) or resistance band.