Upper Back & Neck Pain

Pain in the upper back and neck is common. It can be acute (of sudden onset and painful) or can gradually come on through poor posture and other factors.

Stingers & Burners Stingers & Burners


Nerve compression in the neck or shoulder, causing pain into the arm.

Kyphosis Kyphosis


A postural syndrome of the upper back shown by a hunched appearance.

Nerve route compression Nerve route compression


Compression of a nerve at its exit from the spinal column.

Upper back & neck massage Upper back & neck massage


Sports massage techniques for the upper back and neck.

Posture taping Posture taping


Simple taping technique to support the upper back and aid posture.

Dr Maria Madge Chiropractor Dr Maria Madge Chiropractor


Dr Maria Madge talks about neck pain.

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