Direct trauma/shaking of the head

Brain Bleed

Brain Bleed

A brain bleed can occur after severe trauma to the head. Blood vessels within the brain rupture causing bleeding in the brain. Here we explain the various types of brain bleed. Seek urgent medical attention …

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Skull fracture

Skull fracture

A skull fracture is a break to one of the bones which form the head. These include the cranium at the back of the head, parietal bones on the side, and frontal bone or forehead. …

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Concussion assessment


Concussion in sport has gained much attention over the recent years. A lot of research has gone into identifying and prevention concussion which is now much better understood.

Headaches in sport

Headaches In Sport

Headaches are an extremely common complaint. They vary in pain intensity, pattern, and location from individual to individual. Although irritating the majority of headaches do not require medical intervention. When to seek medical advice Seek …

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