Wrist or hand deformity

boutonniere deformity

Boutonniere Deformity

A boutonniere deformity or buttonhole deformity is an injury to a tendon in one of the fingers, resulting in a deformed shape. This usually occurs after an impact to a bent finger. Here we explain the causes, symptoms, and treatments of Boutonniere deformity. Boutonniere deformity symptoms Symptoms include pain at the time of injury. Tenderness …

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Mallet finger

Mallet Finger

If you have a Mallet finger then you will be unable to straighten the end joint of your finger without assistance. It is caused by being struck on the end of the finger by a ball or opponent. The severity of the injury varies from stretching of the tendon to the tendon coming detached from …

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Trigger finger

Trigger Finger & Trigger Thumb

Trigger Finger is a form of tenosynovitis which results in your finger becoming bent in towards the palm of the hand. It can also occur in the thumb, known as trigger thumb. Here we explain the symptoms, causes, and treatment for triggering of fingers and thumbs. Symptoms Symptoms of trigger finger include pain at the …

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Dupuytrens contracture

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Dupuytren’s contracture is a condition which affects the hand and fingers, causing the fingers to bend in towards the palm of the hand. Tissue in the hand contracts and becomes shorter, although this does not normally cause pain. Many cases do not require treatment, although if the condition is severe, there are options you can …

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Colles Fracture of the Wrist

A Colles fracture is a particular type of broken wrist which involves a break of the radius or forearm bone on the thumb side of the wrist. Deformity, severe pain and swelling would indicate this type of fracture, which is most often caused by a fall. Medical help is needed immediately to repair this wrist …

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