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Sports Injuries

If you know what your injury is use the menu on the left of the page to nagivate or visit the sports injuries page. Quick links to the most common sports injuries are listed below. We have treatment and rehab programs with information on sports massage, strapping and taping and more for many of the more common sports injuries.

Symptom Checker

If you are not sure what sports injury you have then why not try our symptom checker? Simply tick the symptoms that apply to you and within a few clicks the virtual sports injury clinic will suggest possible injuries worth investigating. For information purposes only, always seek professional advice for a full diagnosis.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Our rehabilitation exercises section details hundreds of specific rehab exercises which can be used as part of sports injury rehab programs to strengthen and prevent future sports injuries. We include resistance band exercises, Pilates, core strengthening, free weights exercises, gym ball exercises and more.

Find a Clinic

We always recommend seeking professional advice if you have a sports injury. We have a directory of sports injury professionals around the world who have a particular interest in sports related injuries. Advertise your sports clinic then you can do so free of charge on directory of professionals.

Common Sports Injuries

The following are the more common sports injuries by body part. For a full list of sports injuries visit the sports injuries page.

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