• Sports Injuries

    Welcome! If you have a sports injury we will explain the injury to you and provide information on rehabiliation, exercises, treament and more.

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    Find a sports injury clinic near you. We have Physiotherapists, Trainers, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and more who specialise in treating sports related injuries.

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  • Exercises

    We have hundreds of exercises to aid in the rehabilation and prevention of sports injuries. Exercises for specific injuries, body parts and types.

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  • Symptom Checker

    If you are not sure what your injury is then why not try our symptom checker? Simply tick the location and type of pain to narrow down the options.

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  • About Us

    The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic was created by Mike Walden in 2000. It has expanded since its early days to include contributions from several individuals in differing professions, all involved in the treatment of sports injuries.

    Our mission is to provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a wealth of easily-accessible free to view expert sports injury information. We do not advocate any particular style or therapy but try to give all points of view. We recommend seeking medical advice if you have an injury or before embarking on a course of treatment or rehabilitation exercises.