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Welcome to the Virtual Sports Injury Clinic

Here you will find information on hundreds of sports injuries and conditions with treatment, rehabilitation, exercises and more. If you are not sure what your injury is why not visit our sports injury symptom checker. Or select from the options below.

Sports Injuries

If you have a sports injury we will explain it and provide information on rehabilitation, exercises, treatment and more. We include information on immediate first aid for recent or acute sports injuries as well as advice on treating long-term or chronic injuries. Many include step by step treatment and rehabilitation programs and expert interviews to help get you back to full fitness in the shortest possible time.

Symptom Checker

If you are not sure what your injury is then why not check out our sports injury symptom checker. Simply select the signs and symptoms which apply to you and let the virtual sports injury therapist show you which injuries relate to your symptoms.

What's new?

Check out our latest blog articles for hints and tips on sports injury prevention, fitness, training, nutrition, improving sports performance as well as motivational stories from those who have survived injury and gone onto great things!

Rehabilitation exercises

Our database of sports rehabilitation exercises covers specific exercises for the most common sports injuries as well as exercises for various parts of the body. In addition, we have core strengthening exercises, pilates, foam roller and more.

Sports strapping & taping

Sports taping is used to support joints and muscles as part of injury rehabilitation as well as preventing sports injuries. Our step by step video tutorials as demonstrated by elite level sports physiotherapist and cover ankle taping, knee ligament injuries, kinesiology taping and more.


Here we explain basic human anatomy relating to sports injuries including a structure of joints, muscles and how muscles contract. Learn which muscles do what with our database of human muscles explaining the origin, insertion, joint actions and more including a list of muscle for important joint actions.